Akumal Beach in Riviera Maya

Akumal Beach in Riviera Maya

Learn all about Akumal Beach in Riviera Maya. Check out how this beach is, what to find there, tips and more information for your visit. If you are heading to this Mexican destination in order to have a good day at the beach, then follow this text to the end with all the information about the magnificent Akumal Beach (Playa Akumal). Have a good time!

Akumal Beach in Riviera Maya

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About Akumal Beach in Riviera Maya

Situated in the magnificent Riviera Maya region, Akumal Beach is the perfect destination for the public looking for shallow, crystal-clear waters. Surrounded by luxurious resorts, it has a big difference: the fact that, at certain times, it is possible to enjoy turtles in the place. A tip is that you don’t forget to take a snorkel and enjoy this magnificent beach to go diving and enjoy the beauty of marine life up close. It’s very special!

Beauty of Akumal Beach in Riviera Maya

What to find at Akumal Beach in Riviera Maya

In terms of what to find at Akumal Beach, some of the options are: diving equipment rental (such as life jackets, flippers and masks), nearby hotels, food and beverage outlets, rental of sunbeds and kiosks, and much more. An important point is that this beach is famous for the presence of turtles, so expect to find almost everyone there with snorkels wanting to observe this magnificent species of nature.

People enjoying Akumal Beach in Riviera Maya

For those who have already enjoyed the region’s beautiful turtles, know that Akumal beach is also perfect for relaxing on the trip, cooling off in the sea water, sunbathing, taking some souvenir photos and having a special moment with the people you love. Kids, for example, usually love this place. A suggestion for those who want to spend the day in this location is that they take a thermal with snacks and drinks, so they don’t have to spend everything there.

Leisure and entertainment on the Akumal Beach in Riviera Maya

How to use your cell phone in Mexico

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Woman using cell phone on the beach

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Sunset in Mexico City

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Travel car rental service

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Chichén-Itzá in Mexico

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