Tips to use your cell phone in Cancun and Mexico

See all the tips on how to use your cell phone in Cancun and Mexico. We are going to talk all about the incredible international prepaid chips, that the price is very affordable, the internet signal is excellent and very worth it. If you already want to go directly to their website to buy yours, click here on international chip.

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After reading this article, check out our tips about how to save a lot of money on your trip to Cancun. It is the most accessed article on our blog and will help you a lot with all the trip planning. There are several unmissable tips that will save you A LOT of cash and set up your entire trip to Cancun.

How does the prepaid chip card work?

On our last trips to Cancun, we found that cell phone plans that were for international calls plus the internet were more expensive. Thereby, we discovered a chip that people all over the world are using a lot, it is much cheaper and gives you the right to use the internet. As there are some apps today, such as Skype and WhatsApp, allowing you to call people using only the internet, it was more than enough. With the internet working well, you can do everything.

The SIM Card is digital, and it is called eSIM. You receive the instructions and install it on your cell phone, from anywhere in the world, using a QR code. It is no longer necessary to have the chip card, int he physical way. This makes it a lot cheaper and a lot more practical. You can buy from anywhere in the world and install it right on your phone.

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What is the best SIM card to use your cell phone in Cancun and Mexico?

Each person has an opinion, but for us, after all these years testing several different SIM Cards and traveling all over the world, the one that we like most and recommend to our readers is the Mysimtravel Card. We only used it on the last few trips we made to Cancun and Mexico.

It has a good price, compared to the others, and the main differential for us was the coverage and the signal. The internet on our cell phone worked with great speed in all the cities we visited, even the most distant and smallest ones.

Another point that we found a differential was the service, which is excellent. It is super fast and helpful. In fact, there are no complaints in websites, unlike others chips wich have many complaints.

Using the cell phone internet

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If you have any questions about the trip, add me there on instagram @pailorenzi and send me a direct message. I will be happy to help! 🙂

How to buy the chip and what is the best plan

To buy your international chip is super easy. Just click here to access their website and make your purchase. For those who want to use their cell phones and the internet in Cancun, Mexico and around the world, we think the best plan is the 5GB TOP DESTINATIONS. You have 5GB of high-speed internet to use for 30 days.

Of all the plans that work in Mexico, it is the best and the internet is usually enough for several days of travel. But if by chance the internet runs out, you can recharge right there through their application, buying one more package.

Cell phone and Internet plan for Mexico

When you access the website you will see that you have other options for plans. For those who will stay less days, you have a cheaper option of 1GB of internet. If you are going to stay for 5 days, you can give, but more than that this 5GB plan is the best cost benefit. On the website there is also the online chat, which is great and you can take all your doubts there right away.

Recharge system and plan consultation by the application

They have a very cool application to check the use of the internet and to make recharges. Once you buy your chip, you can use it forever. If you are going to take another trip one day or if on the same trip you want to add more internet for some reason, just use their application and do everything there.

Advantages of using your cell phone in Cancun and Mexico

Being able to use your cell phone and the internet in Cancun and traveling abroad is great, as you can search for places, know the way to the tourist spot you are going to visit, use the cell phone’s GPS (you already save what you would pay for renting GPS), researching places and being fully connected with the people who are traveling with you and your family and friends.

For those who are going to travel with family or friends, it is great, because with each one getting a chip, it is super easy to communicate there using the internet. It made our lives a lot easier to meet there, to arrange a time to go out and talk to the other people who were with us. Below, we’ll give you more cool tips about benefits of using your cell phone.

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Using your cell phone when shopping in Cancun and Mexico

A very good tip for those who are with more people, with their husband, wife, boyfriend or friends, is to use the cell phone to communicate, especially in the malls in Cancun, when shopping. In this way, each one can make better use of their time and go shopping calmly and at the store they want.

It is an important piece of advice, as we have already been there and there are many stores to see. As the outlets and malls are huge, the chance of getting lost and having no way to speak is great. If everyone can use their cell phone, it becomes much easier to find, combine things and research everything they need with the cell phone. It helps a lot when shopping.

Kukulcan Plaza Mall in Cancun

Using the phone as a GPS and saving a lot of money in Cancun and Mexico

Another very good tip is about the cell phone’s GPS. When renting a car in Cancun, car rental companies offer the option of having the car come with a GPS, for an extra daily fee. With a much smaller amount, you can buy this international prepaid chip for Cancun, which offers high-speed internet for you to use your cell phone when traveling.


With the internet working, you can use your cell phone’s GPS, which works very well there, and use the cell phone’s internet 24 hours, to use social networks to post the photos, talk to friends and family, and search for travel information, which helps a lot. You spend less than you would by renting a GPS from the car rental company and still gain several benefits.

Do not use your phone plan in Cancun and Mexico

For those who don’t know, if you take your cell phone with your chip, you will even be able to use the phone there in Cancun, whether to make calls or use the internet, but the bill at the end of the month will be insane. Telephone companies charge a fortune for international calls or for you to use the internet abroad. It is totally unfeasible to use your phone plan, because when you return and the bill arrives, the surprise will be great and you will suffer a huge loss. It can be up to FIVE times more expensive than using an international prepaid chip.

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Important tips to enjoy much more your trip to Cancun

Now that we have given you all the tips about tips to use your cell phone in Cancun and Mexico, here are some more suggestions that will make your trip even better. Cancun is a big city and its tourist spots and beaches are concentrated in some regions, so being well located makes all the difference. If you haven’t already booked your hotel, be sure to check out our article Where to stay in Cancun, with tips from the best regions and also how to get a great hotel at a great price (and find all inclusive hotels and resorts on sale).

Hotel Zone in Cancun

Another good tip is that many people think it is not worthwhile to rent a car in Cancun, but it all depends on how your trip will be. If you are staying at the hotel every day, it really is not worth it. But, if you are going on tours, want to go to shopping malls and tourist spots, they are all a little bit apart and the car is great for getting around.

Even in the hotel zone that has everything there, the distance between the points is great, and without the car you need to take a taxi or public bus. With the car, you have more comfort and freedom, not to mention the economy, because with the value of the transport that you will spend from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, you have already paid the rent of a car for almost 5 days. If you want to know all the tips on the subject and how to get incredible prices, see our full article about how to rent a car in Cancun.

Travel car rental service

Where to buy the cheapest tickets for tours and tourist attractions in Cancun

A good suggestion to save money is to buy tickets, tours and excursions in advance online. It costs a lot less and you don’t waste time in lines there in Cancun. We have done a lot of research and the site that always has the best prices is this Cancun tickets website. They are the biggest tours tickets website in the world.

Xcaret Park in Cancun

The unmissable tours that cannot be left out of your trip in any way are: the excursion to Isla Mujeres, excursion to X-Caret or Xel-Há (two incredible natural parks), the Coco Bongo party and the excursion to Chichén Itzá, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. It also has the swim with dolphins which is incredible. Virtually all tours pick you up at your hotel and drop you back there.

Don’t forget about travel insurance to Cancun

Another tip is to not forget to take international travel insurance to Cancun, as it is very important and no one should leave the country without one. If you want, read our article about travel insurance for Cancun and see tips on how to get good insurance at an incredible price. It is super cheap and very worth it.

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