Kids in Tulum

Best things to do in Tulum with kids

Learn all about the best things to do in Tulum with kids. Tulum is a city frequented by tourists from all over the world on a family trip with their children. Therefore, it is important that you know which are the most suitable tours and attractions to be visiting in an itinerary in this profile. Follow this article and see some amazing tips about them for your schedule. Have a good time!

Kids in Tulum

After reading this article, check out our tips about how to save a lot of money on your trip to Tulum. It is the most accessed article on our blog and will help you a lot with all the trip planning. There are several unmissable tips that will save you A LOT of cash and set up your entire trip to Tulum.

Beaches with kids in Tulum

The first tip on this list of things to do in Tulum with kids is to head to the magnificent beaches there. For you to already feel like getting to know them, know that the beaches of this city are true movie scenarios, full of a crystalline sea (almost transparent water, so clean), soft sand and a surprising look.

Children on the beach in Tulum

One of the nice points to mention is that Tulum is very rustic, so don’t expect to find very crowded beaches full of structure, as this is not by far the style of the region. If you want to relax with your kids, they’re ideal. Some of Tulum’s best-known names are: Maia Beach, El Paraiso and Santa Fe Beach.

Parks with kids in Tulum

Another really cool option for you to be going with the family, and with the little ones, on a tour in Tulum are the other parks that are nearby there. Although none of them exist in the city, it’s super easy to visit them. The splendid Xel-Há, for example, is situated 16 km away and has incredible attractions for the enjoyment of people of all ages.

Xcaret Park with kids

In it, you can enjoy a delicious snorkel dive, river float, trails, zip lines, bike, SPA and much more. Awesome, isn’t it? And, in addition to Xel-Há, there are also two others that are successful in Mexico, which are: Xcaret and Xplor. We’re sure you won’t want to leave this amazing tour out of your trip!

Cenotes with kids in Tulum

The third alternative for you who are looking for the best things to do in Tulum with kids is a pleasant tour and dive in the cenotes of this location. Although this is not a tour that seems to please the little ones, know that it enchants all of them, because it is very different and has a great different beauty.

Cenotes with kids in Tulum

Scattered in different parts of Tulum, they are amazing for you to swim, take photos, enjoy the scenery and have a lot of fun. The ones that stand out the most and are indicated there are: Dos Ojos, Sac Actun and Grand Cenote. Believe it: little ones will love the feeling of diving in a dark place and crystal clear water. It’s awesome!

JOYÀ show by Cirque du Soleil with kids in Tulum

Continuing this guide to the best things to do with children in Tulum, how about something more cultural? We are talking about an incredible attraction that can be easily found on the beautiful Carmen Beach. As the name implies, this is a show performed by one of the biggest circus theater companies in the world, Cirque du Soleil.

Theater in Tulum

It aims to mix acrobatics, play of colors and lights, music, architecture, magic and more. It’s a magical world. And, the coolest thing is that not only adults love this attraction, but children too. They are super enchanted with so much beauty and usually do not blink their eyes, so as not to miss anything. It’s beautiful!

Ruins with kids in Tulum

Moving towards the end of our article, a super cool and interesting tip for you to also be analyzing on your trip with your children is a tour of the Tulum ruins. Scattered in various places over there, they are much visited throughout the year and highly sought after by locals and tourists in general.

Tulum ruins

The reason for such recognition is that the ruins of Tulum, in addition to being beautiful, have a lot of history – ideal for those who like to learn more deeply about the past of the places they visit. To explore them is easy, as they are found without major problems in the center of the locality.

Restaurants with kids in Tulum

To close this article with a flourish, it is obvious that enjoying Tulum’s restaurants cannot be missing from your travel planning there. Some that we think are sensational for a quality meal and friendly service are: Casa Banana, Gitano, Kin Toh, Papaya Playa, Posada Margherita, etc. All of these are very sophisticated, elegant and of a high standard. A tip is that you have a good budget to eat everything in whatever you choose from these directions!

Food in Tulum

How to use your cell phone in Tulum

Being able to use the Internet from your cell phone in Tulum is very worthwhile. The tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping malls and beaches have great applications. In addition, you save by not having to rent a GPS for the car with the rental company, you can search the addresses and times of the places, see the weather forecast to plan for the tours and beaches, stay connected with everyone through applications and post your photos of Tulum on social networks.

Woman using cell phone on the beach

If you want, see all our tips to use your cell phone in Tulum. It’s super cheap and you’ll be able to use your cell phone all day and anywhere. And, you can also search all about the best things to do in Tulum with kids for when you’re there.

Important tips to enjoy much more your trip to Tulum

Now that we have given you all the tips about the best things to do in Tulum with kids, here are some more suggestions that will make your trip even better. Tulum is not a very big city, but its tourist spots and beaches are concentrated in some regions, so being well located makes all the difference. If you haven’t already booked your hotel, be sure to check out our article Where to stay in Tulum, with tips from the best regions and also how to get a great hotel at a great price (and find all inclusive hotels and resorts on sale).

Tulum Pueblo Region

Another good tip is that many people think it is not worthwhile to rent a car in Tulum, but it all depends on how your trip will be. If you are staying at the hotel every day, it really is not worth it. But, if you are going on tours, want to go to shopping malls and tourist spots, they are all a little bit apart and the car is great for getting around.

Even in the hotel zone that has everything there, the distance between the points is great, and without the car you need to take a taxi or public bus. With the car, you have more comfort and freedom, not to mention the economy, because with the value of the transport that you will spend from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, you have already paid the rent of a car for almost 5 days. If you want to know all the tips on the subject and how to get incredible prices, see our full article about how to rent a car in Tulum.

Travel car rental service

Where to buy the cheapest tickets for tours and tourist attractions in Tulum

A good suggestion to save money is to buy tickets, tours and excursions in advance online. It costs a lot less and you don’t waste time in lines there in Tulum. We have done a lot of research and the site that always has the best prices is this Tulum tickets website. They are the biggest tours tickets website in the world.

Tulum ruins

The unmissable tours that cannot be left out of your trip in any way are: the excursion to Isla Mujeres, excursion to X-Caret or Xel-Há (two incredible natural parks), the Coco Bongo party and the excursion to Chichén Itzá, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. It also has the swim with dolphins which is incredible. Virtually all tours pick you up at your hotel and drop you back there.

Don’t forget about travel insurance to Tulum

Another tip is to not forget to take international travel insurance to Tulum, as it is very important and no one should leave the country without one. If you want, read our article about travel insurance for Tulum and see tips on how to get good insurance at an incredible price. It is super cheap and very worth it.

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